Friday, May 4, 2012

Nicki & Who Else?

As we all know Twitter is the land where normal people seem famous and famous people seem normal. A couple of weeks ago Nicki Minaj got tight because her fans were defending a fan site that posted download links of her 2nd album. Nicki deleted her twitter and all was lost in twitterville.  Eventually Nicki came back to twitter, but it made me think, “Once her light burns out, who will fill the void?” At the time of the hissy fit I thought it would be the perfect time for a femcee to step out of Nicki’s shadow and throw some rocks at her throne, but nothing. How do you just turn your back on the people who made you, especially when your income and livelihood depends on it? Smh. Fame is a beautiful drug, but still a drug nonetheless.

            So who else is on Nicki’s heels? *Crickets Iggzackly!!! Why hasn’t there been any successful female emcee’s since Lil Kim, Foxy, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill? And I don’t even know why I put Lauryn Hill on the list, yes Miseducation was great, but that was one hot album. Since then she has not released anything remotely close to that album. Lady Luck and Remy Ma had a spark, but then nothing. I know HipHop is a male dominated genre, but the past “femcees” I listed broke in to the game with their own unique style. Thought I forgot about the pitbull in a skirt? Nah. Eve was the one that I knew would keep going strong, she could make a hot song with classy sex appeal, but also trade bars with the best of the best (RR). Eve knew how to make a hit, but then POOF. Vanished. Last time I saw Eve she was hugged up on some rich Caucasian guy, but do whatever you can to keep the lights on.

            Nicki is in a lane all by herself, that’s why she has so many fans and supporters. That’s the reason she can turn her back on those who made her and not lose an ounce of sleep. This really just irks me because it means the world to me when someone tells me that they like a song we (B.O.M.B.) have made or quote a lyric from one of our songs. You have to give back to those that support you and those that are fans. “You niggas got some audacity.”-B.I.G.

            I believe in opportunities and striking at the perfect time. That whole Nicki fiasco on twitter was perfect for a femcee to step in and take over. Remember when the Westcoast was running rap, then Diddy, Craig Mack, and Biggie said fuck that let’s show em how it’s done on the East. It didn’t end well for them except for Diddy, I see you topping the HipHop cash cow Forbes list. B.I.G. is followed by R.I.P. Craig Mack joined a Christian cult. (Yes, just youtube Craig Mack & Cult) Another situation where MC’s stepped in and stepped up during a huge event was Jay-Z & Nas once BIG and Pac died. “Seems like New York’s been soft, since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings, I’m tryna restore the feeling…”-Jigga Jay stepped up his commercial appeal and became arguably the greatest rapper of all time. Once Jay “retired” what did Dwayne Carter do? He stepped in and claimed he was, “The greatest rapper alive, since the greatest rapper retired.” Wayne linked up with DJ Drama and dropped some of the hottest music HipHop has ever heard. Those drought mixtapes put Weezy F. (still don’t know what the F is for) Baby in a lot of people’s top 5 MC’s list.  Drake took over the Kanye backpack crowd at FIRST when Kanye was mourning and dropped 808’s & Heartbreaks. So ladies keep that 16 ready for when the opportunity presents itself.  I guarantee it’ll present itself soon. Y’all heard all that damn singing on Nicki’s second album she’s coming for Lady GaGa(14:59:59) ç see what I did there 15min of fame and Katy Perry’s spot in pop(popular) music.

            My advice to the ladies who want to break in to HipHop as MC’s is this: Know how to make a hot song, relate to the ladies(kick that fly shit about heauxs being jealous of you, love, romance, party n bullshit, being fly), look damn good doing it for the fellas(if the ladies are dancing to it and your looking good rhyming we buying), be yourself you can only have a gimmick for so long, do not become a  knockoff of past femcee’s (it’s ok to be influenced by them, but don’t become them), & most importantly that video vixen to MC transition is not a good look, yo. Awww yeah and don’t give up remember someone is always listening. No plan B’s when you chase your destiny- Me.

            And before anyone gives me hell about not mentioning Missy, Miss E., Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, chill. She’s something waaaaaay more than a femcee. That’s creativity at it’s finest. I wouldn’t dare categorize someone who’s that damn futuristic.  And the Lil Kim/Nicki beef didn’t get touched because the general populations fuck meter was in the negative.

            “Female Emcees, they don’t ever hit the target, somebody said they saw Amil working in a Target.” –Joe Budden

            Y’all be cool and even cooler once you follow me on twitter @abeezy17, I might start doing podcast real soon so be on the look out for that, yo. Peace.

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