Tuesday, October 2, 2012

These niggas ain't shit, girl...

“Niggas ain’t shit!” “I’m too strong for these weak ass men.” “All I need is me and my kids.” “Niggas only want them white bitches because they’re weak just like them sorry ass niggas!” “Niggas only stick around for a place to stay, then when he get on first thing he gets is a white bitch!” “Ya daddy ain’t shit!” I’ve heard all these phrases waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times growing up. And I know every black male from the age of 35 and down has heard these words being shouted from the mountain top by a Nubian Queen.

            Where does this stem from? Ain’t shit niggas, feminist movement in the 60’s, society being accepting of children being born out of wedlock, and welfare & grandma playing the role of pappy.

            Ain’t shit niggas doing our Queens dirty and the Nubian Goddess not being able to charge Twan to the game. Instead every nigga she comes across has the same characteristics as Twan…in her eyes. Ladies, no man wants to fight an uphill battle right off the bat in a relationship. Brother trying to take you out on a date and you bringing up how Twan only took you to McDonald’s and made you pay for everything. “You probably just like Twan cheap ass.” Aaaaaaand that’s why you’re single. You know Twan is somewhere laid up under another hardworking Queen living like Kings he ain’t thinking about you, boo boo. Let him go and open your heart.

            Operation “Divide and Conquer” took full effect with the feminist movement during/after/cause of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. The black woman was not in the back, but right by her man’s side while he marched/attacked fighting for rights for PEOPLE of color. Then the white women get “inspired” by the progress of the Civil Rights movement and here comes the feminist charge…smh. The black woman didn’t have no problem with her man and the black man didn’t have any problem with his woman, but feminist movement didn’t really make any strides until sisters were recruited. Before then all they were doing was going bra-less and growing out body hair. So sisters started acting a plum fool at home and forgot all about the good of the people. Now brothers are like, “what the fuck?! We lost Malcolm, Dr. King, the Black Panthers and yo’ black ass talking about letting your p*ssy grow a fro cause you want equal rights?!” “You won’t cook me a meal after I have been at work for 10hrs straight being called a nigger by my boss? Cause some elbow titty’d bulldagger with a mustache said so?! I’m out of here!” Truth be told there wasn’t any unity within the feminist movement between sisters and white women. While my sisters are still on that black feminist sh*t their so called white sisters in the movement have settled down with a Nubian God, Operation “Divide and Conquer” is a success.

            With the black man and woman at odds only time they got along is in the bedroom. Now it’s socially accepted for a black woman to raise kids on her own. So she’s screaming everything that was in the intro of this blog raising lil soft, gay, or bitch made boys. Little kings are hearing these things and only having women in their lives are naturally gonna take on some of those “strong” feminine characteristics. I have said this many a times QUIT SHITTING ON MEN IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS!!! And I don’t care how tough grandma is, she can’t fill the shoes of a father. The government can’t play pappy either. If the dusty nigga ain’t tryna be in his kids life, charge him to the game, forget about him, and his dirtball ways.

            “But AB aka Double aka Omaha Hostage, what about these niggas choosing white women?” What about it? For every brother choosing a white woman there’s 20 more vying for your attention. I don’t give a damn about race mixing. We wouldn’t have President Obama or Tia & Tamera if race mixing were illegal. There’s only the human race in my eyes. Sisters get so caught up throwing shade and shitting on the brothers with other color women they don’t notice the other color brothers checking them out. Please kill that whole white women are docile/weak argument. Nah, I’ve had some and my boys have had some dramatic ass white women. At the end of the day men just want a woman who knows how to be a woman no matter the color. Maybe y’all should open up to other races.

            Now you’re asking, “Double, how do I be a woman?” Peep the previous blog, boo. I don’t want my sisters to get all butt hurt and go Honey Boo Boo (y’all know she’s making fun of y’all right? That shit ain’t cute, its new age blackface entertainment) on me. If you’re offended good, it means you got some work to do. Niggas ain’t shit…ahhhhh the shit(in my tales from the hood voice)


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