Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bitch Made

         I feel like an old man shaking his fist on his porch yelling nonsense to the younger generation. I really don’t like what I see in pop culture and those in my generation (80’s babies). Hell,  90’s babies and late 70’s babies, also. I feel like the Male is an endangered species. So many “men” take on the characteristics of strong women that raised them that they forget what an actual man is…I’m not going to go in to the whole straight/gay debate, f*ck that. Omar from The Wire nipped that gay stereotype in the bud. Moving on to the point I’m trying to make is this new nigga sh*t is not gonna fly if you want to make it in Amerikkka.

            HipHop inspired this blog, I was reading about the Rihanna slander courtesy of Chris “Beat Em Down” Brown & Aubrey Drake “I Shed Thug Tears” Graham.  While reading about their lyrics from a couple of songs degrading her, all I could think is “New Niggas” have no chill factor. Shock factor? Nope. Was I impressed? Hell no.

            You may be asking yourself, “But, AB what is a ‘New Nigga’?” A new nigga doesn’t have anything to do with age. I know some old “new niggas”. A new nigga is this new breed of ass hanging out the top of Jordache jeans wearing coons. The type to fist fight a woman because she said something slick. The same nigga you see in the middle of the dance floor poppin his “bussy” harder than any chick in the club. The type of nigga that sends questionable text messages like, “Hey”. Nigga did you just “Hey” me?! Nah, fam. Same coon that gets excited when the DJ plays “ass, ass, ass, ass,” and recites Nicki Minaj’s whole verse. Y’all get the idea.


     Where did this non-masculine attitude come from? Lack of father figures and powerful women raising us. Yes I said us. My pops wasn’t there for me, but I had League Basketball and mentor programs(Thanks, Mom). Enough about me. Those are the main sources if you ask me. Young boys sitting up under these women listening to that, “Ya daddy aint shit, these men aint shit” rhetoric turned in to bitch made new niggas. To my queens in the single parent struggle don’t kick that rhetoric to ya prince. He will grow up unsure about himself and fail to develop in to a self-sufficient man.

            Fellas, look in the mirror and ask ya self, “Am I a new nigga?” “Do I mooch off women?” “Do I run whenever real niggas come in to the spot?” “Do I blame all of my struggles on my baby mama?” “Have I ever fist fought a woman?” “Does the top of my jeans stop just below my ass cheeks and ball sack?” “Do I have a Barbie chain that I copped from the Arabs at the middle of the mall kiosk?” “Can I cut the cake better than Rihanna?”  “Do I worry more about what the next nigga thinks, instead of these women?” “Do I own a hello kitty iPhone case?” “Do I consider myself an E-Thug?” (Electronic Thug). “Do I only drink light beer to watch my figure?” “Do I own a Lisa Leslie WNBA jersey?” “Do I get wet when a new Drake song leaks?” “Do I know the names of all of the basketball wives as opposed to current NBA players?” “Do I prefer Moscato over Henny?” “Do I shed thug tears when life becomes too much?”

            If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you sir are a new nigga. Don’t shed a thug tear just yet, there is hope for you. Look in the same mirror that you asked the new nigga questions and say, “I AM A MAN, NEW NIGGA!!!”  “I REBUKE YOU, NEW NIGGA!!!” Then proceed to be a man. “But AB, what is a man?”


·       A man lays claim to who he is and what he has.

·       A man looks out for children.

·       A man listens as opposed to hear.

·       A man knows the difference between what’s important and what isn’t.

·       A man doesn’t gossip and he rations his words.

·       A man is strong

o   No complaining

o   No pettiness

o   Firm

·       A man is focused.

·       A man knows the importance of family

o   Blood

o   Organization

·       A man knows his word is his bond.

·       A man strives to be a role model.

·       A man makes his own fortune.

o   No handouts

o   No Charity

o   Rule 40-Despise the Free Lunch

·       A man doesn’t look like a woman.

·       A man keeps his house in order

o   Cleanliness

o   Stable Home Life

·       A man can defend himself.

Boom. There it is. This sh*t doesn’t happen overnight it takes years to be the complete package. New nigga don’t fret just keep re-reading this blog if you find yourself twerking to Superbass. Peace and may the man force be with you, son.

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