Monday, April 7, 2014

If you all you got is time then you ain't got $$$...

 Something told me to keep blogging. I don’t know what, but it was a feeling that I had deep down inside me. I could’ve blogged about a million things by now…but school and work are taking up all of my time. And that’s when it hit me…time. We are always searching for more time. You feel as if your weekend has just been blowing by you or there isn’t enough time to do what you need to do to earn your freedom and live the life that you know you are capable of living? So here are a few tips to get ya time back, fam.

  First things first turn off the damn TV. You can get sucked in to a marathon at the drop of dime. You’re flipping through the channels and you see Spike TV is playing Rambo First Blood at 11am and next thing you know it’s 9:45pm and you’re still watching the Stallone marathon. Turn that damn idiot box off some times and just enjoy life or work towards your financial freedom, bruh.

  The other major distraction is your phone, these phones can do everything that a damn desktop can do. You check your email and all of a sudden your multitasking between candy crush saga and a twitter rant about the state of Beyonce and what she means to the feminist movement. You’ve lost 4hours right there, fam’ron. Put ya phone on do not disturb or airplane mode and put it in another room.

  The internet is a huge distraction, you find yourself trying to build ad revenue and step ya blog game up and bam! You’re sucked in to vine compilations and researching how Kim Kardashian built an empire by bussin’ it wide open for Brandy’s lil brother. 6hours wasted. I know I sound like a hypocrite because this is a blog and your reading it online, but this is a helpful blog, bruh man.

  The last time killer is…dun dun dun…SLEEP! We have all had those lazy days where we have had so much to do and decide to nap. Well that nap turns in to a full-fledged 5-6hr slumber! You wake up like, “What time is it?” Look over at ya clock and it’s now 7:58pm. If you’re gonna nap set an alarm and there are 24 hrs in a day roughly 10hrs goes towards work, with commute and getting ready and staying a little late. That leaves 14hrs, set aside 6hours for sleep and you have 8hrs of freedom or extra work time. You just have to be more disciplined with your time. Why? Because it is YOUR TIME. Stop living for that 9-5, sure it pays your bills, but if you follow the “whole work til I’m retired then enjoy my freedom” you’re going to realize what’s important to you…TIME. If you love what you do for a living then keep on keeping on, I’m speaking to my people that hate their job and want financial freedom.

  All I’m saying that if you want to be financially free and work on your own terms then you have to sacrifice entertainment and sleep. I don’t believe in the whole “no sleep” bs that you see on all of these inspirational memes, nah you need sleep to recuperate. Just don’t sleep so much that it gets in the way of achieving your goals. We Working.

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