Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Self-Cleaning Oven

      Yo, it’s been a minute since I wrote a blog, to be honest I haven’t been inspired to write anything that’ll be entertaining yet informative. And I try not to force creativity because that’s when shit gets lame like Ne-Yo singing live at the NBA all-star game. But it’s time to bless the concrete and street corners with another blog, yo. “About what, A.B.?” The self-cleaning oven theory…

            I always thought about crime when I was little in the aspect of you see a million cop cars riding around “poor/urban/inner city” neighborhoods, but crime was always high. Why is that? The almighty dollar, bruh. And that almighty dollar is the root cause of “the self-cleaning oven” theory. Think about an oven that cleans itself, it cooks your food and cleans itself. The only thing you have to do is prepare the food and clean the outside and around the burners. So keep that in mind while you read this blog.

            Food Prep: Money makes the world go round, being a part of law enforcement is a job FIRST. You get paid from a job, plain and simple. No jobs equal higher crime rates. Niggas (all people I call nigga) ain’t got a job they’re gonna go out and get that money by any means. Or niggas just gonna be niggas and do triflin’ shit. Take away opportunities and jobs in a community and plant a police station in the middle of “crime central”. Voila food prep.

            Cooking/Eating:  So now you got all these cops out on the streets in the hood, patrolling. This is what I like to call cooking/eating. The oven aka the hood is doing what it does best cooking. So now with the food prep aka no jobs/opportunities done its time to cook/eat. Sharks in the water(squad cars). Petty arrests, even more petty tickets being handed out at the first of the month…wake up wake up. Why the first of the month? Most folks in the hood are on a fixed income and handle business soon as that EBT card is loaded up. They’re like a school of fish to the great whites. Whooop Whooop, license and registration please…oh you have a warrant for blah blah blah. Same for the petty drug dealers, they’re products of needing money quickly and bullshit jobs or no jobs. So they’re out tough on the first week of the month serving and tryna make it out. Undercovers out working over time(more $$$) to eat off the hand to hand entrepreneurs. More arrests equal more $$$ for the county and that trickles down when it's time for that annual review and raise.

            Cleaning the surface:  So now on the outside looking in you’re thinking that the cops are so overwhelmed that they can’t arrest everyone…bullshit.  Or thinking the cops are doing a great job when you see a “big bust” on tv…more bullshit. If shit really worked in law enforcement you would cut off the head and the body would fall, but nah they gotta keep eating. No crime no $$$. Simple and plain. Don’t go after the supplier bringing it in or the middle man connecting the supplier and dealer. Just arrest the petty dealers because they keep repopulating. Circle of crime.
           Self-Cleaning:  Murder in the hood is the equivalent of the self-cleaning function on the oven. Detectives work “over time” to solve these unsolved murders. Black on black, brown on brown, and poor on poor murders are considered self-cleaning. No one is gonna jump through hoops to solve those murders but they sure will milk that clock to act like they’re working a hot lead that’ll lead to an arrest.  Don’t arrest the connects or suppliers the streets need to be the walking dead. The more of a daze the streets are in, the easier it is to manipulate em and eat off of them…

Food for thought, you do the dishes: To keep these pigs from eating off of concrete, the hood needs to get their affairs in order. Don't give em a reason to lock you up. There is no better feeling than being pulled over by the five-0 and having all of your shit together. "They won't catch me slipping" is my motto. And it should be the hoods motto also. You can fight bullshit tickets & charges...keyword: FIGHT! Folks give up too damn easily when fighting against an establishment. That hand to hand money is great until them alphabet boys come kicking in your door. And these senseless murders is just what the establishment wants...But hey I know, "I gotta rep this hood til the death of me, even though I don't own any of this land and this man's face looks just like my face, but he's from a different part of the city reppin a different hood, so I must take this muthafucka out." <-- shit sounds stupid don't it. That's that crab in a barrel syndrome that the establishment banks on…self-cleaning oven, but y’all don’t hear me though. The sink is full and there are no clean plates.

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