Thursday, February 5, 2015

This Ain't A Pleasant View

 Gentrification- The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people.

  I’m seeing a lot of slander for the development of the old Hilltop Dirty 3rd(33rd)/Pleasant View Housing Projects. All I am seeing is gentrification, gentrification, gentrification…blah, blah, blah. Now I was getting ready to jump on that train and get my Furious Styles on, but I researched the organization that’s leading the charge and what iggzackly they are trying to do. So let me talk my sh*t as to why this isn’t gentrification.

  First off this organization 75 North is headed by Executive Director Othello Meadows, my bad Attorney Othello Meadows…a brotha and down North native. The board also has former chief of police Thomas Warren another affluent brotha from Omaha. Now I am not saying that just because the head of the project is a black man from North Omaha along with a board member that’s black and a north Omaha staple is cause for you to shed your gentrification beliefs about this project, but it should wake you up a bit.

  The whole purpose of the development is to have a “Purpose Built Community”. A “Purpose Built Community” is supposed to turn a poverty stricken area around by having nice affordable housing with a sense of belonging. And y’all know the only belonging up on Pleasantview was gangs and cops harassing you, everytime you drove, walk, or rode your bike near there. I get the sense that folks saw the Buffetts backing the project financially and not doing any research on 75 North, you automatically assumed that it was gonna be gentrification like those Miami Heights homes. $400k homes in a poverty stricken area aint shit but screaming “come slum for a high price and feel superior than your neighbors.” But this project to revamp Hilltop Dirty 3rd is all about empowerment and the rental properties range from $600-$900 a month. So how is that gentrification?

  We hoot and holler about how crime is based off of lack of opportunity for jobs and how there isn’t anything good happening down north, but soon as something like this happens you’re complaining. Why? Help me understand. I honestly think that you just wanna talk about solutions than actually act on the solutions that are presented. Its easy to tune in to Tariq’spodcast, clap, nod, and tweet about how he’s kickin that real. But are you out here practicing what he’s preaching? He’s out here putting in work and you just wanna be a fan. It’s nothing but another form of sitting up bullshitting. It’s hard work to put a plan in to action, but its not impossible. Remember that. So keep ya views to yourself, if you’re not out here motivating the streets through action. Peace Isa.


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