Monday, December 29, 2014

We Need A Resolution


             So 2015 is approaching and fast. You will see a bunch of New Year, New Me posts via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and SnapChat. And you’re first thought is, “yeah right, this person is going to be the same a**hole that they were at 11:59 pm 12/31/14.” And that’s you’re first mistake. Don’t worry about others with their New Years’ goals, worry about ya damn self and how you will make 2015, your best year ever. And now you’re asking, “Well, A.B. how do you do that? Since you have all the answers…apparently.” Keep reading, I got you.

            The first thing you want to do in 2015 is to stop wasting your damn time! Time is something that you cannot get back and stop wasting it by sitting in front of the TV, videogames, YouTube rabbit holes, etc. Do not waste your time on things that are not important to you and that are not helping you reach your goals. Learn to live in the present.

            Next what you want to focus on is getting a healthy workout routine. I know people would rather sit down and stuff their face with so much buttery, delicious foods, but you gotta get your mind and body right. Start the day off with some meditation. It will get you mentally prepared for the day and cleanse your soul. Once you’re done meditating you should feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. We all know that the gym will be packed for the first few weeks of January and maybe even February, but don’t let the over crowdedness overwhelm you. Get in that gym and get it in. I would recommend you getting a gym membership to somewhere that’s open 24hrs a day. 

            So now you have a healthy workout routine and you decided to stop wasting your time…now what? You get rid of the pollutants and by pollutants, I mean people. So many of us have toxic people in our lives that either kill our positive energy or drag us back to where we were. And you don’t need that in your life, at all. It will be hard to cut those people off, especially if they are close friends and family. But what we fail to remember is that this is OUR life. And you have to be selfish at times to deliver your gift to the world. Some will understand and some will hate you for it, but those that hate you for it will either start making changes themselves in a positive direction or find someone else to leach on to and bring them down. Take your life back.  

            That will be the toughest thing that you do this year, but now it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone. You have dreams and goals that you would like to accomplish. And make 2015 that year to do that! You and I know the old saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always got.” Step out of the norm and embrace the uncomfortable. Welcome it with open arms, get used to having your heart in your throat beating at 200bpm, and remember you deserve success, no self-shaming. 

            The meditation will help you get rid of your limiting beliefs. Everything we use in society has been created by people just like you, so don’t let the stats of New Year’s Resolutions kept get to you. The mind is very powerful, so feed it with positivity. Stop wasting your time on frivolous bullshit and toxic people. Once you master those two, you will have more time and energy to hit the gym. You get your workout routine down and your confidence will build, because you’re sticking to a routine and you are looking damn good! Now take that newfound confidence and become uncomfortable. And remember: You can’t cheat the grind, the results will show.

“I’m on twitter tweeting like it’s just you and me.”

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