Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forgive Me If I Don't Smile

  I haven’t blogged in quite some time…since June…Jesus. I feel now is the time to dust off my keyboard and do God’s work by giving y’all my point of view on a choice topic. This blog is titled “Forgive Me If I Don’t Smile” why? Well it’s just that…I am done smiling. Right now Amerikkka is letting us (black folks) know iggzackly where it stands on the issue of police homicides involving blacks. And it hurts, you always knew that the system in place was built off of the backs of blacks and other “minorities”, but to witness the hate and fear of whites firsthand is somewhat of a new experience for me. I have dealt with racism and bigotry all of my life being a black man, but with the internet you really get to see who’s who and where they stand.

  After the Ferguson decision to not move forward with the indictment of Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, the fire was lit on both sides of the wick. Black folks (well, most blacks) woke up and realized that Amerikkka does not give two sh*ts and a f*ck about a black life. On the other side you had closeted white supremacists come out the wood work or at least their FB/Twitter/Instagram with their posts about how the jury made the right decision to not indict a police officer that was “just doing his job”. And in their eyes “just doing their job” is killing unarmed blacks with a made up excuse. 

  No video or pix for the Mike Brown killing, so the jury could be manipulated by a story that took over 3 months to trump up to justify the killing of Mike Mike. Protests/riots start and here come Amerikkkans with their opinions of the unheard. Why did I call them the unheard? Lowkey white supremacists love to quote Dr. King’s, “I have a Dream” speech, but Dr. King said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” And right now Amerikkka does not give two sh*ts and a f*ck about what black people have to say. And if I am correct didn’t the “I have a Dream” speech have a line in it about police brutality? Anyways I have seen the protestors and rioters called everything from wild niggers to scum. And some blacks that have been assimilated in to what they believe to be the land of milk and honey agree with these sentiments. And it’s disgusting. These blacks are ones that “pulled themselves up by the boot straps” and worked hard by singing, dancing, or being a sweaty beast with a sports ball. That money and the entertainment that they provided for Amerikkka gave them some privilege to look down the capitalistic ladder at other blacks and wag their finger. Again, disgusting. 

  You got folks out here trying to hinder the “hands up don’t shoot” movement by telling protestors to protest in peace like our people did in civil rights era. Well if I’m not mistaken peaceful protestors were being beaten, had dogs attack them, and firehoses blasted their way. And what really worked was the bus boycott, black folks stopped spending their money on public transportation which threw a wrench in the economy. But you know folks like to pull only certain things to support their argument. So in the end f*ck a peaceful protest, the world needs to hear us. Amerikkka loves to police the world, but their own backyard is full of dry patches and tall weeds to hide their misconduct against blacks. 

  And the people that scream “stop making this about race, it’s about police brutality” look at the comments under Derrick Rose’s pic of him wearing the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt. The age of turning the other cheek and ignoring social issues for athletes is coming to an end. And that scares the hell out of a lot of Amerikkkans. Because to be accepted by Amerikkkans you have to either be able to sing, dance, be athletically gifted, and don’t speak your mind on social issues. In other words “shut the fuck up and entertain us, boy/girl.” 

  Every damn step you take in Amerikkka as a minority someone is there to remind you that you are just a second class citizen on temporary land. So forgive me if I don’t smile when you speak to me and your facebook post is filled with racial epithets. Forgive me if I don’t reply to you when you want to talk about Sunday’s football game, when your Instagram posts are filled with slanderous pictures of what happened to Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and other victims of homicidal police officers. Forgive me, brotha, if I don’t hit you with a head nod or a dap because the events in Missouri don’t impact you and it’s not your fight. 

  One day you’ll get it and I hope it’s sooner than later. The system in place is not working and the cogs in this disgusting machine are breaking and working on building a system of equality and justice. Then on that day just maybe, I will smile. Until then, forgive me for not smiling.


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