Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Milking It

"HipHop depreciates the value of luxury, personally I won't allow you to fuck with me..." -JadaKiss 

So I'm blogging straight off my iPhone cause work is damn slow, yo. I have a problem and my problem is the milking of HipHop. The above bar is something I think about a lot, Amerikkkans swear up n down that HipHop makes high end items trashy...but at the same time those high end brands rake in those trashy dollar$...moving on though.

First off I'd like to talk about the minstrel show known as Miley Cyrus, I get it, Amerikka gets it, the world gets it; she wants to shed her Di$ney image. Buuuuut the way that she's shedding the image by mocking the culture of HipHop, disgusts me. That J's on my feet chorus sounds like a Lil Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri throwaway. Just fucking horrible and coonish. But the media is eating it up cause the sheep are programmed to love it. Stop it 5. Mike Will needs to chill biggin up the chicken buttlet twerker and donating those beats in exchange for a "Hannah Handjob". This phase will die off and she'll be with a nice lily white boy and rocking some Vera Wang gown at the next Grammys word to Timberlake post Janet titty.

Aye Macklemore I gotta the fuck are YouTube comments slandering gays, HipHop's fault? Help me understand, broham...last time I checked I never heard of MC QueefGod or Young Cum Lord69...don't blame HipHop for gay bashing when Ye' and A$AP Rocky running round wearing leggings and skirts. Macklemore really slandering HipHop and he's a rapper...that's like going in to work and shitting on the whole company that signs your paycheck ...fuck outta here fam. You're fired.

Bling Bling rap...that's all I hear...fuck outta here. We came from nothing and got a little $$$ so hell yeah we're gonna celebrate what we got. Look in the mirror during tax return season, if you haven't copped anything new and celebrated then you're lying to yourself, fam'ron. If you don't like flashy rap, grab a Talib Kweli cd and light an incense. Word to Lourdes (sp?) who's shitting on HipHop over a boom bap beat, but I'm chillin.

That's it for my rant. 

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