Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Is 30

They say 30 is the new 20 and in a few days I'll be the new 20. I feel as if people say that to escape the reality of their age. Honestly, I don't mind turning 30. It seems as if everyone around me is more concerned about me turning 30 than I am. 

You're only as old as you feel, I truly believe that. Look at your favorite HipHop artists, Jigga is running rap and he's on his 40's & big Sean is in his 20's but looks like he's in his late 40's. So I don't get hung up on #'s. There's a lot of folks that are a decade younger but look two decades older than me.

I'm excited about this next decade, because this is where your physical gifts are met with an increased mental capacity. I've also learned that life isn't about things, it's about people and experiences. And I'm learning to say, "No" a lot more. "Hey A.B. can you do this that and the third for me? You won't get paid for it but it'll be a great learning experience." "No." My time is precious. And speaking of time I am utilizing it a lot more efficiently. No more waking up an hour before the 9-5 starts. I take the time out to enjoy my mornings and embrace the peace and quiet of life, before the nonsense of the job hits.

Men are like wine, we get better with time, but only if we become the man that we know we can be. Ain't nothing cool about being the old dude in skinny jeans and neon Nike free's hanging with a crowd of 20-something's. You look outta place, pops. Even if you feel younger than you are, just try hanging with the younger age group that you feel you belong to. I bet $$$ you will realize that that's not your cup of tea.

In the end all I can say is bye to 29 and hi to 30. Am I where I thought I would be? Nope. Am I working my ass off to get there and exceed my own high expectations? Yes. 

So if you're facing a big "age milestone" don't fret and never have a regret.

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