Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Great Divide: Black Male Patriarchy

 “They nervous when they see the black man walking down the street boppin, hold yo’ head and keep rocking,  pants sag, fuck a cop swag, keep (2) Pac’n, it’s a new world doctrine, oppression is not an option…” –Jay Electronica From Act II (Rough Demo)

            I came across a debate on twitter about Black Male Patriarchy and Negro Bed Wenches…I’m very puzzled by the term of Black Male Patriarchy because Patriarchy is defined as “A System or Government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line.” But what the hell is Black Male Patriarchy? I’ll tell you what it is…it’s a damn myth. Unless people (mainly sistas) consider the made up rules that black men have to abide by, to get by in Amerikkka. Let me give you some of these patriarchic rules: when the weather is frightful and a brotha is rocking a hood, a store clerk will politely remind him to take off that hood. Thanks for the reminder, sweetheart. As a black man I actually appreciate how law enforcement agencies take appropriate precautions against us to protect the American people. The media loves to shine the spotlight on us, for doing amazing things, like robbing liquor stores and murdering my own kind. And to be the face of crime is amazing, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Black Male Patriarchy is in Amerikkka.

            So I’m obviously being a smart ass, cause fact of the matter is that bullshit that’s been getting kicked lately is a damn lie. The black male is vilified in mainstream media…we aint keeping our sistas down. That system is nonexistent in the black community.

            Where did this term come from? Honestly, I just started seeing “Black Male Patriarchy” once the slander for the tv show Scandal began. You can’t shit on Olivia Pope, the black community won’t allow it..even though she’s president’s side piece.  And  when Tariq Nasheed introduced the phrase “Negro Bed Wench”. It started to pop up all over social media.  Here’s the definition according to Tariq à If you don’t wanna view the vid, just peep the sista in Django Unchained that was Calvin Candie’s piece. That’s a negro bed wench aka the female uncle tom.

                Fact of the matter is that this debate/argument is just stupid. I feel as if we as people can’t get along…for shit!!! If it ain’t me shooting my brotha cause he reps a different color bandanna, or slandering my own kind to be accepted by the infrastructure, colorism aka “dark skin niggas be like, light skin niggas be like…” “she’s pretty to be so dark” etc., now it’s black feminists  vs. the phantom black male patriarchy.  We out here just lost in the Matrix. Blacks are about to reach a trillion dollars in buying power, but we can’t even get over us being different shades of black.  That dives in to us not knowing our history and trying to create our own history as we live. We’re out here tryna follow the drinking gourd, but you can’t head north in a barrel fulla crabs, fam. Get it together, black folks.

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