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         Hey it’s been a minute since I blessed y’alls pupils with my holy scriptures. I’ve been grinding on two jobs and it’s taking a toll on ya boy. I love blogging and offering my two cents on topics that plague us. So I am going to manage my time a lot better and continue to bless the internet with my thoughts.

            GFID: This isn’t just the title of Western Film, or the tattoo on a young man’s head, or the name of a William Roberts album…it’s a damn lifestyle. Black folks have been waaaaay too accepting and forgiving of bullshit that comes their way. We are always praised for being the bigger person and being so strong by being forgiving. And right now I am here to say enough is enough. F*ck ya feelings Amerikkka. 

            So what has gotten me this way, well Monday I was watching Sports Center during the 2hr window I have between jobs, I saw Mo’ne Davis on talking about her upcoming movie with Disney. And the Sports Center anchors asked her about the man that called her a slut on twitter and got kicked off of his collegiate team for his choice of words. Mo’ne said that everyone deserves a second chance…chile, that grown man knew iggzackly what he tweeted. He doesn’t deserve a second chance, calling a 13yr old child a slut is not something you say by “accident”. The man known as @BigCass24 apologized for his statement on twitter and even stated that he was a Mo’ne fan. Nigga Please. This grown ass man was only sorry for being caught and that his choice of words got him kicked off the team. The media is praising Mo’ne from the mountain tops about how mature she is for forgiving that grown man for calling her a slut. F*ck your praise.

            This narrative is all too familiar when those in the “majority” do something wrong and get caught. Remember ya boy Kramer? This was when flip phones with video was starting to pop off and he went on that N*gger tirade. He knew good and damn well what he was doing during the tirade, but went to Jesse and Al (WHO ARE NOT OUR{BLACK PEOPLE}LEADERS!!!!) and apologized for his actions. I don’t f*ck with reruns of Seinfeld cause of that bastard. 

            This whole “turn the other cheek” bullshit that Dr. King kicked at the beginning of his rise has stuck with us blacks to this day. I understood where the good Doctor was coming from, blacks had to come off as non-threatening to get their foot in the door and open it up for other blacks. Sorta like when you’re on a job interview. (Not to mention Dr. King was gunned down by the gov’t once he focused on economic empowerment instead of intergration) Buuuuuuut Brother Malcolm said it best, “If you turn the other cheek, you can be enslaved for 1,000 years.” And really think about that, someone blatantly disrespects you and you forgive them just for them to do it again and again. Why? Because there aren’t any consequences for the heinous actions being committed against the victim. It’s the whole, “they can have heaven on Earth, if I follow the laws of the book written by those that have heaven on earth, I will enjoy heaven in the afterlife” mentality that black folks have and need to let go. GOD Forgives, I Don’t. I am not saying that Mo’ne should hold some sort of grudge towards the man for slandering her and what she stands for, what I am saying is that she shouldn’t have even acknowledged that young man. The school did what was right; she didn’t need for her publicist to write that letter to the college. Even if it is all a PR stunt, it’s not a good stunt. That man needs to suffer the consequences for his actions. Going back to the Kramer fiasco if Jesse and Al didn’t put the color green in front of the color black they would’ve told Kramer to slide his ass on out that door from which he came. 

            It’s time to tell the truth and shame the devil, we are not here to be used as stepping stones, punching bags, sexual fetishes, etc. We are human beings. We are reminders of how a whole economic system was built on our ancestors backs. And I will not and others like me will not let you forget that. This information age is only opening our minds and putting us on game on how those in power move. And before you know it…check mate, bitch. 

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