Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let Me Speak To Your Manager


            Hopefully, everyone had a great time bringing in the New Year. I had a great time partying it up at the HardRock Casino, gambling and catching a dueling piano(s)(???) show. I wish everyone the best in 2015, let’s make it all about you and your goals. Now let’s get it on with today’s blog…C.W.A.’s cashiers with attitudes. Fix it Jesus. I have just been having some bad luck with customer service lately so that’s what inspired me to tap these keys on my lap top.

            So yesterday after work I went to the Kwik Shop to get some gas and use my fuel points. If you don’t know what fuel points are, let me explain: fuel points are for every dollar you spend at a Krogers/Baker’s supermarket you earn a fuel point and for every 100 fuel points you earn, it’s .10 cents off per gallon of gas. Now I racked up 550 points for the month of December and they don’t expire until January 31st…so I’m thinking that I am about to stunt on this $1.99/gal gas and get it for $1.49/gal…nope! This lady told me that I only had 2 cents off per gallon. What?! I’m like, “um… my fuel point balance is 500 and some odd points.” “it says you only have 2 cents off per gallon.” “oh, really? Let me speak to a supervisor.” “Sir, I am a supervisor.” “your name tag doesn’t state that, but I’m gonna let you cook.” I emailed corporate about the situation and I am waiting for a reply.

            I went to Crackdonalds down by the Henry Doorly Zoo to get some dinner for me and my lady. I ordered a club house burger with an extra meat patty and a caramel sundae. Lady repeats my order back to me and it’s reflected on the screen. I pay and pull up to the second window. Jesus on the cross leaving Earth…why did the lil chubby boriqua hand me a sundae that wasn’t even half way full. Soon as she handed it over to me, I was like, “Are you serious?” “What’s wrong?” “You don’t see what’s wrong with this sundae?” “no.” “So you telling me that there is nothing wrong with giving me a dollop of ice cream?” “uhhhhhhh no.” “Take this back and fill it up.” So after Jenny from the block gives me my sundae and food, I pull over to check the order. These sons of female dogs in heat done gave me a sandwich with no meat on it! I am 6’1 290lbs, duh hell I look like eating a bun with lettuce and cheese?! And they didn’t fill my fries up…gave me a small fry for the price of a medium. I go in there and the whole restaurant is backed up, I’m to the point where I just leave but my girl had to remind me of who I am… and I don’t play about my $$$, if I am paying for a service I deserve what I am paying for nothing less. So I go back in there and the manager is a brotha and he is just overwhelmed. I let him know the situation and he apologized and Rosie Perez just shot me the dirtiest look. If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here today to give my testimony. Amen. He fixed the situation ASAP. Salute to that brotha.

            Dear Cashiers, what if I told you that those fuel points that I’m using is not coming out of your pocket? And what if I told you that doing your job would make your shift much more pleasurable? Stop acting like you’re the CFO of your cash register. I don’t need to hear a huge sigh when I tell you that I have coupons. What I need for you to do is to leave your problems at the time clock soon as you punch in. I have worked customer service well over a decade(13yrs) and I know it sucks at time, but don’t make it harder by acting like that .55 cents off Brawny paper towels is breaking that dollar bill in your wallet/pocketbook. You won’t get promoted to assistant team leader shift supervisor manager with that attitude, Tammy. And if you do… is your soul worth that .37 cents extra per hour? Now you gotta deal with difficult customers cause all of the cashiers want your .37cents so they’re refusing to accept coupons because they feel that they are the CFO’s of their cash register…do you want that kind of headache, Tammy? And what if I told you that if you did it right the first time you wouldn’t have to hear the phrase, “Let me speak to your manager.”

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