Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Billion Dollars Later, Now You Understand Us...


            So the Wall Street Journal just released an article stating that the Ohio State University football program is valued at $1.1 billion. Yes, a college football team is valued at just over a billion dollars. Now this proposes the age old question: Should college athletes get a piece of that pie?

            I know a lot of the athletes on that field or court have their education paid for them via athletic scholarships. But when players are making the university millions of dollars and not having food to eat (Shabazz Napier) it makes you think Are these kids getting a fair shake? Just look at the endorsements for the uniforms, the television ad revenue, the “angel donors”, and so much more that’s raking in so much money, but your athletes are struggling to make it to appearances/practices due to their beat up cars word to Maurice Clarett.

            Would paying college athletes get kids to stay in school longer instead of being one and done? Just look at how many NBA players/prospects do the one and done, or go to play Euroball after high school. This would make for a stronger draft class for the NBA. The one and done guys are still developing their collegiate game while in the league and showing their potential 2-3yrs later…word to A.D. of the N.O. Pelicans. And Kobe hit the nail on the head about AAU’s but that's another story. Getting paid might turn some athletic teams around and help with recruiting. Just look at how Oregon turned their football program around mainly due to Nike taking over the branding of the university. Who knew having several different alternate jerseys and exclusive kicks from Nike and Jordan Brand would elevate the ducks?!  Cash is king. 

            Now you’re asking, “How would you pay these Athletes?” Many have proposed paying the players like employees bi-weekly. I’ve seen articles that said that they should be paid anywhere between $500-$2,000 bi-weekly. If it was as high as $2k every two weeks then you would have the McDonald’s workers picketing outside of stadiums because taking the fries out the deep fryer and putting salt on them is the same as running 4.2 40yd dash and pancaking a 350lb defensive line man so your tailback can plow throw that hole for 6. Personally, I would like to see the colleges put up some sort of trust fund for the athletes and once they graduate they will have access to that fund. That fund would include a percentage of the revenue generated from that team during the duration of that athletes college career. And if the athlete doesn’t graduate and still wants to access the fund he/she would suffer a harsh penalty up to 40% of the fund. I believe that this would help those athletes step away with a degree while also honing their skills in the athletic field and making them more valuable if they chose to pursue going to the league.

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