Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lions without a Historian


             This isn’t for everyone, this for the Lions without a historian. With the help of Tariq we now know why the colors were hidden. Hidden Colors 3 will be out next week in theatres and soon after on DVD. This got me to thinking…what if the colors weren’t hidden? What if the lions knew their actual history? Would we have more Barack’s and Michelle’s and less Waka Flocka’s and Rihanna’s?

            We are out here roaming the pride lands without a sense of self. And because of that hunters are destroying us by the droves. I’m not talking about just killing us, I am speaking on the assassination of our economic base, and the havoc being wreaked on our image.

            How do you control a pride of Lions? You make them think that they are lambs. Hide their history to control their future. If the only thing that the lion sees is the hunter in a prominent position, while his fellow lions are in cages or being used by the hunters, then how will s/he see himself/herself when s/he looks in the reflection pool? I will tell you, the lion will not hold his/her head high and be the lion that s/he can be. The hunters might let a few docile lions have their scraps that they do not want…but only if they are docile…DOCILE. Lions are hunters. Lions do not get fed scraps or handouts, they are not scavengers.

            These Lions need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and get their pride in order. We’re victims and now since being “free” we have to try and even the playing field with the hunters. But we have to forget that the hunters have had a head start in this race for about half a century. When Lions built strong economic bases decades ago, the hunters came in and destroyed those bases. The hunters want Lions to think that their way is the only way to live life…we know better than that.

“Until the lion has his historian, the hunter will always be the hero.” Don’t let these hunter lovers fool you in to thinking that Lions are the villains. We are not the villains; we are the nightmare that fuels their fears. Why are we the nightmare? Because deep down the hunter knows how dangerous Lions are, if…IF the Lion knows it’s’ true potential.

            How can a Lion get back to being a Lion? Lions have to know their true history. The colors are hidden, they’re not lost. Lions have to do some digging to find the truth. Once you find that truth then you are truly free of the mental shackles placed on you by the hunters. Knowledge is power…textbooks are high, but that library card is free. I only ask that the Lions act with their newfound knowledge, don’t just soak in the game and sit on the sidelines. Let that mane blow in the wind and prosper, my Lion. 

We Working.
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