Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Living Like Kings

  What's good, fam? It's ya boy A.B. I don't normally blog but sh*t I got some time on my hands. As you know I'm a retail career prisoner and another "Omaha Rapper". Ashamed? Hell nah. I've been rapping since I was 12. Enough with the background nonsense, I titled this joint Living Like Kings because that's the street single my team B.O.M.B. plans on dropping on the city. The sh*t is hot no doubt, but with HipHop today, its image/movement first then the music. The city doesn't know a damn thing about Black Ops Music & Business (or so they claim). Kinda iffy peeping that the spins from reverbnation is always high and we have close to 800 downloads of our app on the Android market. Hmmm... but I digress. Fact of the matter is that no one here is living rich off rap. I don't care how many YouTube views you have, how many shows you did in Iowa, playboy you still got a regular ass job. The main issue is that for so long WE ( The City of Omaha) have backed bullsh*t songs for so long...smh. Why? because we feel like, "Oh, Lil Crip Crip ain't gang banging no more, he doing music. I have to support this positive transition." Fact of the matter is Lil Crip Crip is F*CKING GARBAGE!!!!!!!! So instead of telling Lil Crip Crip to put down the mic and pick up a book we say, "Lil Crip Crip that sh*t is hot!" Now Lil Crip Crip 47 years old, still recording on a karaoke machine, and handing out CD-R's with sharpie writing on it, titled Still Crippin' For My Cuz & Bloods. Omaha quit supporting bullsh*t. You know you don't have that type of nonsense in rotation in ya iPod. I know a lot of good artist here, but for every 1 good rapper here there are 13 struggle artist. We (B.O.M.B.) are working on something big and have an amazing marketing plan that'll hit the country harder than left hook from one of the Klitschko brothers.<<<< See what I did there? My advice to Omaha is support the good artist, quit hyping up Lil Crip Crip, he has an amazing grind, but the struggle is strong with that one. I would also say give every artist a shot, but form an opinion on your own after one likes a bandwagoner...become a hipster. Oh yeah check out Living Like Kings on soundcloud:

A N*gga dont sleep, cause I'm living my dreams...

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