Sunday, September 20, 2015

Young OG's

           Hey what’s good, fam? I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blessed y’all with my words of wisdom on digital paper. As you know I have been up on the podcast game, tryna bless everyone with that verbal dope. I miss writing though, it’s very peaceful for me and I think the streets need that written word, just in case all of my digital audio files will somehow be destroyed  by armed droids and Skynet. So let’s keep it pushing on the blog post, save the files and print these pages like a bible.

           So I really wanna speak on the importance of being a Young OG, I feel as if the OG’s older than me that are in their late 30’s/early 40’s gang has failed us. They really dropped the ball and got the youngins in my gang and younger outchea stuck like chuck. So the Young OG’s 27-35 gotta step it up, breath life in to the game and kick the truth to the young black youth. 

            What is an OG? My non-melanated people maybe asking, an OG is an elder in the hood. The one that puts you on game about life, keeps order, and gives advice when the youngin’s are outchea wildin’. Most of the triple OG’s got locked up or killed and left the OG’s in the wind. So the OG’s just kinda kept the game to themselves and left the youngin’s to fend for themselves. Don’t confuse an OG for an old nigga, there’s a bunch of old niggas in the hood spewing that bullshit and trying to gain respect. Nah fam, old niggas stay trying compete with the youngin’s instead of putting the youngin’s on game so they can take the culture even further than they did. Old niggas outchea in the streets tryna relive their youth, instead of doing the right thing like Spike Lee and dropping jewels. So my youngin’s y’all need to know the difference between an OG and an Old Nigga. 

            Old Nigga’s gon give you advice like, “Fuck that bitch if she tryna pen a baby on you, cuhz, just bounce” or “shit, you got it made, she pregnant bout to get that section 8 and welfare. You in the cut just chilling spending dem foodstamps, fam.” An OG will tell you, “get a paternity test first, make sure that lil nigga yours. Then take care of ya seed, you aint gotta have shit to do with the mama, but that boy/girl gon need his/her daddy.”

            So now you know the difference between an Old Nigga and an OG. Now us Young OG’s the late 20’s to mid 30’s gang, we gotta give these young G’s the game heavy. We got youngin’s outchea drowning in fuckery. Don’t believe me just go on twitter or IG and search the hashtag #RelationshipGoals. Niggas got relationship goals of rocking the same jeans and J’s as their girlfriend. Youngin’s outchea embracing mediocrity and only have a life goal of getting their followers up. Followers don’t equal dollars fam. Social media has changed the game of life, so that’s why the young OG’s like myself who have lived and moved through the streets and system before social media need to school the youth. A lot of youngin’s have no problem laying hands on a woman word to Chris Brown. And we can’t have a community of fuck niggas running round representing us. Y’all seen how misled Kanye was when he did his impromptu speech at the MTV VMA’s. If he had an OG in his circle he could’ve talked some since in to Ye’. But since Ye’ doesn’t have that kinda influence the youngin’s looking at Ye’ like an OG and they shouldn’t. 

            What brought this on, A.B.? Well I used to shame “new niggas” for not having a dad, but I didn’t have one growing up, but I had OG’s. And it just kinda hit me, we(young OG’s) will follow in the old niggas’ steps if we don’t son these new niggas. We will just have a bunch of lost fuck niggas running round doing fuck shit. So this is a call to all my young OG’s we gotta start son’ing these new niggas and bring em’ in to the light to be men. Our dads failed us, but that doesn’t mean that we fail each other. I know us Young OG’s are learning to be men off of trial and error, but if we can drop jewels on them so they won’t have to repeat the steps where we slipped at then we will build a nation of kings. So let’s live by the motto, “Each One, Teach One”. Peace.

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